AR and Denials Management

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Accounts Receivable

Account receivables (AR) is one of the most impacting areas of medical billing that directly impacts on the cash flow and that’s why a logical system need to place for AR and Denials Management.

Eminence Healthcare provide a full suite of clinically integrated AR and Denials Management service. Our service module designed with the focus of improving AR aging.

At Eminence Healthcare, Our AR management team of experts provide the complete solution to address occurred difficulties in cash flow with the aim of recover the funds owed to the clients as quickly as possible.

With the technology-enabled methodology, our expert’s team employ to address complex accounts. We provide Early-out and aged A/R services for payers and Medicaid A/R to solve reduced cash flow and slow client payment issues.

Providing error free clean-claims, analysis of denied claims and regular follow-ups with patients for excellent claims and dues that accelerate cash flows and reduce AR days.

Denials Management

Denial management is the process of systematically gathering of data that required to eliminate denials. With the proper management you can reduce the number of denials and eventually increase the revenue of company. Our Denial management process at Eminence Healthcare gathers important metrics and provide researched feedback to a provider that prevents the denial in future of the same type.

Minimization of denials can increase the revalue by 10 to 20 percent. We understand that achieving this results from a denial management system can require a large amount of data to process and analysis. Our system or management process measures all claims by your payers and with this set of data, Our Denial management specialists can fix the issues that caused to the denial. This will lead to less number of denials by payers and increase in overall revenue.

We track every denial claim and collect information from the payer, physician, and diagnosis. This data is presented in a manner that allows fast identification of ongoing trends.

This will help medical services to re-utilized claim rules and edits that will drive the first pass claim acceptance and decrease the denied claims. The data collection and analysis will lead to process improvements and increase in revenue.

Increase your cash flow with our excellent denial management system.

Audit Management

Our most efficient and highly skilled representatives are deployed to address the Routine Audits (Medicare Administrative Contractor, MAC) and/or Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC). All correspondences received from CMS are read carefully and all the information requested is provided without any delays. Audit Executives also include an explanatory note and refer medical guidelines and/or LCDs supporting medical necessity for the care provided to the patient.