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Behavioral and Mental Health are specialties that demand extra care, patience and time-ingestion. Counsellors and psychiatrists treat patients in various ways - which are often long-endured and grinding. These include counselling, therapy sessions, medication, meditation, etc. Depending on the patient and the ailment, these treatments can take from days to months and years to treat the patients.

Unfortunately, they do not, however, get the extra degree of time to claim the bills. The challenges for physicians and care-givers in this department are additionally daunting. The pressure to finish up the claims in time adds to the risks of errors.

An effective medical billing service delivery starts with a clear understanding of the issues arising in a particular set of mental health or behavioral billing. We minimize denials by submitting cleaner claims.


We understand the reasons as:

Prior authorization

Before beginning most behavioral and mental health procedures, the provider has to seek prior authorization.

Documentation errors

CMS advises particular documentation, such as timesheets, encounter notes, the date and location of the service, and proof that the plan was created by a skillfully led team that included the patient and other family members. Establishing the medical necessity of the surgeries or treatments is crucial, and thorough documentation can help you avoid denials.

Coding Precision

Because payment for treatment is based upon the number of units, the amount of time spent in therapy is crucial. Errors affecting the number of units billed can be avoided using the proper medical codes depending on the time spent.

Policy Infractions

Specific policy violations that frequently occur while billing for behavioral/mental health therapies are identified by CMS. These consist of:

  • Not recording progress notes carefully
  • Not obtaining prior authorization for services that require it before billing
Not obtaining prior authorization for services that require it before billing

Regardless of size, every mental health care organization requires a reliable medical billing partner to monitor and support a consistent revenue cycle flow. It becomes challenging for mental health care providers to efficiently manage their revenue cycles alone.

By outsourcing your billing process, you could free up a major chunk of time and put your staff to better use. It can help prevent significant financial losses resulting from incorrect billing & claim submission. Our group of behavioral and mental health billers uses best practices to boost your revenue and cut down on claim rejections.

How Eminence differentiates in behavioral & mental health billing services

Our medical billers and coders are trained to handle the nuances of Mental Health and Behavioral Services. They are well aware of the ICD-9/10, CPT, and HCPCS coding bases - as defined by the AHA and CMS. Besides this, we are highly compliant and abreast with the guidelines of the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC).

  • We prevent denials by concentrating on simplifying the entire revenue cycle process.
  • We are specialists in lowering costs and assisting you in enhancing clinical and operational effectiveness.
  • We have a solid prior authorization team to make sure that detailed patient information collection is done.

The HIPAA rules for behavior and mental health billing and coding are kept up to date by our team. To prevent long-term denials, we assure prior authorization of the patient's eligibility & entitlements with mental health insurance.