Behavioral/Mental Billing Services

Behavioural health is the investigation of emotions, biology, mentality and mindset of an individual and what it means for their everyday life. Behaviour & mental health billing is confounded because of the sort of care proposed to patients and subsidizing of the treatment.

Behavioral health providers should be aware that many commercial insurance companies and state Medicaid programs outsource their mental health claims to an outside third party. This is important because the claims address on the card isn’t always the correct address and if you submit to the wrong address your claims will be rejected. It gets complicated so it’s important to have a biller who makes sure that the claims are filed correctly to avoid payment delays.

Eminence Healthcare helps you by eliminating the coding complications by employing certified and experienced coders, and assuring that your hard work is paid for. We have three layered claim scrubbing process that helps us generate 100% clean claims on the first pass with minimum re-submissions.

So, while you help your patients, we help you by:
  • Ensuring that we bill codes that adhere to payer and State specific guidelines
  • Submitting claims to the right payer within the time frame
  • Verifying new patients to ensure they have apt benefits and are eligible
  • Following up on claims within 15 days to avoid Insurance Ageing
  • Helping you in advance Patient Collections by getting coverage details.

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