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What makes OB GYN medical billing so difficult?

It's a meticulous process, a need for a diligent approach at every step, and a constant hassle to achieve adequate revenue.

Undoubtedly, the process of OB-GYN medical billing is a burden for healthcare providers.

Especially for the branch of OB-GYN, the complexity of the specialty is reflected in the medical billing process.

The prime reason behind the cumbersome administrative task is the amalgamation of two significant specialties, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Subspecialties under ob-gyn, procedures, and treatments keep the healthcare providers engaged. Thus, healthcare providers have bounded time for medical billing and coding.

Nonetheless, they may not be familiar with medical billing in a way that leads to maximum revenue.

As a result, many healthcare providers face the consequences of a faulty administrative flow.

This is also the reason behind healthcare provider’s constant struggle to find efficient ways of dealing with ob-gyn medical billing.

However, there are solutions to all these challenges that can help healthcare providers improve their efficiency and enhance the bottom line.

This blog is for ob-gyn care providers who are in urgent need of proper medical billing. Here, we will understand the causes behind denials and simplify medical billing.

Let's get into details of ob-gyn medical billing

What is stopping you from achieving financial stability?

The answer to this is clear, it is the drawbacks in your revenue cycle management that are preventing you from making desired reimbursements.

We will understand every intricacy one by one and give you a logical solution to change your circumstances.

Regular Alterations in Medical Billing Regulations

There are regular discoveries in medicine, and they are a reason for changes in treatment methods and procedures.

This affects the medical billing process as it adds a layer of complications every time there is a new guideline.

What we understand from this is that constantly changing regulations make the process of medical billing complex. To counter this, healthcare providers must always keep themselves updated.

They can also rely on ob-gyn medical billing services and get professional assistance to avoid this issue.

Coding guidelines dominate the medical billing process and being updated is a valid solution to this.

Knowing the details of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes is like moving a step ahead toward achieving reimbursement goals.

Inaccuracies at Various Steps in OB-GYN Practice

Manual handling of medical billing is subject to mistakes, and this hampers the workflow.

Another factor that leads to errors is a lack of skill and it is seen at every step of medical billing.

Right when the patient enters the healthcare facility, there is scope for mistakes in registration. One piece of inaccurate information in the beginning can lead to a chain of errors and finally to revenue leakage.

Let's list all the points of errors in ob-gyn medical billing:

  • At the time of insurance verification
  • While documenting patient medical information
  • During claim filing, when data is translated to codes

These points mentioned above are most vulnerable to errors and manual neglect.

Healthcare providers have to ensure accuracy in all of these to maximize their revenue.

The revenue cycle management depends on smooth operational management and preventing inaccuracies is vital.

The above-mentioned issues are holding healthcare providers back from getting adequate compensation.

However, when it comes to ob-gyn there are specialty-specific drawbacks between healthcare providers and revenue.

Let’s understand the different medical diagnoses under OB-GYN and how coding for them enhances the complexity.

Pelvic Pain: For the process of medical billing, it is essential to make proper notes of various causes of pelvic pain. This helps in filing appropriate claims with proper coding.

Migraine: Identifying whether chronic migraine and menstrual cramps occur at the same time. In case it is true, healthcare providers must use specific codes for the same. (G43.82 and G43.43)

Pregnancy: The complications in pregnancy are directly related to the age of the patient. Maternal age is a major factor in conditions like pre/post eclampsia that can also cause hemorrhage. Because of this, there is a need to fill out various forms for ob-gyn billing.

Fetus Scan: Routine fetus viability scans for different conditions are important to know the position of the baby. For accurate coding, healthcare providers must know all the reasons for scans to later use them for accurate medical billing.

GYN Exam: GYN exams are done annually and there is a specific code for them that is Z01.4. Coding is done based on the results from this test as it is a testament to various health conditions.

This was just a brief introduction to how medical procedures dominate the medical billing and coding process.

This comprehensive process is wide and highly complex for non-experts and raises a strong need for outsourcing.

Once healthcare providers choose to partner with any professional, they truly experience a difference in the bottom-line and practice management.

If you run an OB-GYN practice and have decided to outsource ob-gyn medical billing, then Eminence RCM is the right partner for you.

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  • Extensive analysis for a proactive approach to better the bottom line

Uplift your revenue cycle and achieve the best results with a comprehensive solution of Eminence RCM.

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