Gastroenterology Billing Services

Having a gastroenterology practice involves so much more than just providing the best patient care and treatment. You also need to be up-to-date about the coding, billing, and other processes. Gastroenterology billing services are intensive, and working with a billing specialist who holds expertise in gastroenterology billing can help you achieve financial success.

Eminence Healthcare services offers comprehensive gastroenterology billing services and customized solutions to healthcare organizations that strive to focus solely on providing high-quality healthcare as we take care of the gastroenterology billing process.

Our USP in Gastroenterology billing services includes:

  • We have in-depth knowledge of most common Gastroenterology denials and bundling issues, and the Claims follow up team know their way through them.
  • We have excelled the art of overcoming challenges like appealing bundled procedures, billing for colonoscopies against colorectal cancer screening and applying use of modifiers -59, -51 and -26
  • Our coders are specialized in code variations in different procedures, complex rules and with the terminology of this speciality.

Helping you focus more on your patient care, our complete Gastroenterology billing services we offer includes:

  • New patient Entry
  • Eligibility and Benefits Verification
  • Prior Authorization
  • Medical Coding
  • Claims Submission
  • Rejection Management
  • Payment Posting
  • Accounts Receivables Follow-up
  • Denial Management
  • Customer Service

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