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Gastroenterology deals with problems with the digestive system. It focuses on conditions affecting the alimentary canal and organs from the mouth to the stomach and the digestive system.

The different coding standards and payer-specific rules must be kept up to date for gastroenterologists to sustain a compliant and commercially secure practice. Medical billing for gastroenterology is complex, and to get maximum reimbursements, you require a wide variety of professional expertise.

Gastroenterology billing is something we excel at. Our gastrointestinal medical billing experts work closely with your practice to ensure you receive the maximum reimbursement for the treatments you provide. We will look into underpayments, identify issues, including the correct use of modifiers, handle every aspect of your practice's billing, and resolve those issues.

Our USP in gastroenterology billing includes:

I. Our claims follow-up staff is well-versed with most Gastroenterology denials and bundling difficulties.

II. We have mastered the skill of overcoming challenges, including bundled operations, charging for colonoscopies against colorectal cancer screening, and using modifiers -59, -51, and -26.

III. Our coders are experts in the specific terminology, intricate regulations, and code variations used in various procedures.

Why choose us

I. We provide Gastroenterology billing and coding services with excellence, expertise, and precision while constructing an error-free revenue cycle for your practice.

II. We can add value to your organization through analytics-driven and result-oriented processes because we have the right skills across the revenue cycle chain, including patient demographics entry, insurance verification, and authorizations, coding, billing, account reconciliation, and denial management.

III. We work to make the billing, coding, claim submission, and payment posting processes as frictionless as possible.

IV. To prevent claim denials, we consistently follow up on accounts receivable and obtain prior authorization.

V. Our team's primary responsibility is to move your attention from denial management to prevention.

With a focus on enhancing their administrative and financial competence, we assist gastroenterologists in providing exceptional treatment for their patients.

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