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Oncology billing demands specialist knowledge due to the complexity of the codes. To receive the correct reimbursement, you must be aware of the coding practices used by oncologists, hematologists, and support staff, such as hydration services, diagnostic administration, and many others.

A comprehensive understanding of chemotherapy treatments and packaged claims is necessary to prevent improper coding and revenue loss.

Our team of skilled medical billers and coders is exceptionally knowledgeable on multiple chemotherapy administrations, code bundling, and shifting compliance regulations. Our system for revenue cycle management is comprehensive and provides maximum reimbursements.

Our medical billing team will assist you in the following ways:

I. By keeping track of deductibles, co-payments, and charge schedules.

II. By conducting routine code audit checks and, as necessary, indicating the proper codes.

III. By creating statements for patients in an understandable format.

IV. By reducing the claim denials.

V. By creating unique reports to analyze cash flow that has been stalled with payers.

VI. By keeping track of unpaid invoices, receivables, and write-offs.

When it comes to providing both curative and preventive cancer care, oncology involves intricate and stretched treatment processes. Patients require authorizations and stringent follow-up with the doctor while they undergo many testing and pre- and post-procedure appointments.

Since timely compensation depends on accurate documentation and monitoring of payments at every stage of therapeutic services, the billing and coding procedure is consequently highly challenging. The doctors have to rely on administrative assistance to handle payment procedures while they concentrate on providing patients with the proper healthcare.

This is where Eminence Healthcare can help oncologists!

Our billers and coders have a proven record of offering worldwide billing and coding services without errors and denials, and they are qualified, tech-savvy, experienced, and knowledgeable. Our billing professionals regularly update and enhance their professional knowledge to give a proactive strategy and the best skill set to guarantee a healthy return for your business.

Why choose us

I. We have a team of technically sound and certified billers and coders dedicated to oncology billing.

II. We provide detailed itemization and supporting documents for all the radiation therapy codes to maximize your reimbursement.

III. A qualified and experienced team manages our oncology billing process, working round-the-clock to increase your cash flow.

IV. We go above and beyond to ensure we comply with oncology coding and billing standards.