Oncology Billing Services

Medical Billing for Oncology is a bit different from other specialities. There are certain terms and conditions in Oncology Coding Billing which are not known to the regular billing staff. This can lead to coding errors which causes losses in the billing structure. We have a trained set of professionals who are dedicatedly working just to ensure that our clients get the Medical Billing Service that they expect and deserve.

How we can help

Assigning the appropriate modifiers common to a hematology and oncology practice for office visits and procedures as per specific payer guidelines

  • Having the knowledge of the rules and regulations of Medicare billing including incident to, teaching situations and shared visits
  • Assignment of CPT Codes for procedures rendered such as chemotherapy, radiation, infusion, biopsies and excisions

Complete treatment notes along with chemo, infusion, and hydration: When billing for a diagnosis, many physicians often leave out negative findings because they consume a lot of time. However, tests and examinations for diagnosing negative findings are part of the services provided. Leaving these out could mean the physician gets paid less. We take the time to make sure all notes are complete to match chemo, infusion, and hydration services.

List accurate units of drugs: There are many factors involved in listing the number of units relative to drugs. A common billing mistake is documenting drugs with incorrect drug units. We focus on HCPCS specific billing units to assure that you get reimbursed for all drugs used.

Bill with an accurate place of service: The place of service is an important element in the oncology billing process and reimbursement. The place of service provides essential information regarding the types of services given. We make sure that your billing is coded appropriately to cover your place of service.

With our services, we have helped countless oncology clients increase their practice revenue by as much as 10%-20% through increased billing and outstanding payment collection. In addition, we provide the additional savings of administrative and overhead costs associated with maintaining a billing and insurance claims department in-house. Find out how Eminence Healthcare can help your practice thrive!

With our billing support your:

  • Your workflow is more coordinated and quick
  • In-house staff are free to focus on clinical activities
  • Collections increase by 6%
  • First pass claim acceptance rate increases
  • And finally you are free to focus on patient care without worrying about getting paid for it!


  • Increase in percentage of collections
  • Considerable Reduction in overhead and collection cost
  • Reduction in claims denials
  • Regular update on billing cycle
  • Extensive coverage for Oncology

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