Opthalmology Medical Billing Services

Refine your glance at revenue through our crystal-clear focus Opthalmology medical billing services.

As the scope of Ophthalmology has gone on to be extensive, its billing cycle management to has become an intense exercise. Practitioners, who earlier could easily have managed medical billing in-house, now find it prudent to get it done by an expert outside agency Like Eminence Healthcare services, apart from ensuring cost minimization and revenue optimization, would enable them to be focused on their core concern: quality medical care.

Ophthalmology billing services by Eminence Rcm can fix the dents in your medical billing process and save you on costs and time.

We understand that ophthalmology and optometry billing services have several regulations and is restricted per diagnosis, frequency, and whether the service performed was by the appropriate vision care provider.

Ophthalmology and Optometry Billing and Coding

Our certified coders have extensive experience in eye care billing and coding. Coders are well versed in diagnosis and procedure coding, evaluation and management (E/M) codes, billing with code modifiers, electronic data interchange (EDI) processes, industry standards, and maintaining 100% HIPAA compliance at all times. We focus on:

  • Billing the best way possible, adhering to strict state-specific coding and audit guidelines.
  • Evaluating medical documents and physician notes to ensure claims are not under or over-coded.
  • Reviewing previous denials that may occur due to incorrect coding, to help lower your AR even more.

Managed Vision Care Plans and Medical Insurance Claims Submission

We know the ins and outs of your payers best. We’ll make sure your claims are clean and free from errors before we submit them—delivering a consistent and positive cash flow for your practice.

  • Once we file claims electronically, our clients typically receive insurance payments in less than two weeks instead of the 3 to 4 weeks that top commercial payers take.
  • We submit vision insurance claims through portals, such as VSP and EyeMed for exams and contact lenses.
  • For those payers who require paper submissions, we’ll take care of submitting paper claims.

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