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Radiology Billing Service for Lower Claim Denials and Increased Revenue
Managing the radiology revenue cycle is tiresome because of the frequent changes that billing and coding rules & regulations undergo.

Radiology billing can be stressful due to the sheer number of tests, the enormous number of codes and modifiers, and these shifting, complex laws. If not done correctly, there is a high possibility of payment denials and missing charges, which will reduce your radiology collections and have a negative impact on your practice.

Our team of knowledgeable radiology billing and radiology coding specialists can relieve your administrative burden, allowing you to concentrate on better patient care

Both the doctor's time and the usage of any tools or materials used during the radiological procedure could be charged under radiology bills. The technical component (TC) includes facility fees, inventory, employees, pre- and post-injection services, and other costs. Studying the radiological exam, drawing conclusions from it, and presenting a written report including the results constitute the professional component (PC).

Our expertise as a radiology billing company

As a radiology billing company, we understand its complexities and are familiar with the modalities and compliances. Due to our deep understanding, we are confident in assuring the maximum reimbursement for your services.

Whether nuclear medicine, radiation oncology, interventional radiology, or diagnostic radiology, we are trained and equipped to handle your radiology revenue cycle.

You can trust our radiology billing services and your coding and billing in our competent hands. We will develop a more efficient billing procedure to assist you in getting your finances back on track. Our approach promises minimal claim denials and quicker payments.

The following are some ways in which our radiology billing outsourcing services benefit radiologists:

1. Improved cash flow - we work hard to discover weak points in your billing process and improve them.

2. We screen claims daily as part of our radiology billing services to lower rejections and denials.

3. Determine all underpayments by routinely comparing them to agreed-upon rates.

4. Utilize our efficient techniques to tenaciously tackle claim denials for radiology operations and increase your revenue.

We offer comprehensive RCM technology and radiology billing services that ensure the success of quality programmes, provide valuable analytics insights, and enable higher reimbursement to hospitals, medical groups, and practices of all sizes and specializations.

Our findings lead to higher revenue, improved cash flow, lesser denials, and lower cost of collections.

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Why choose us as your radiology billing partner

1. Improved client retention rates with our exceptional services.

2. We provide detailed itemization and supporting documents for all the radiation therapy codes to maximize your reimbursement.We have an experienced team of certified coders and billers.

3.We keep our teams updated with new rules and compliances.

4.Our billing system is transparent so you know what we are doing.